Producing gourmet handmade chocolates is a calling that demands a heartfelt love of all things cocoa. Our Master Chocolatier, Stefaan Moyaert, has knowledge and expertise that wasn’t gleaned overnight.
Being a finicky perfectionist comes with the territory, as well a stubborn resistance to never using anything but the finest available natural ingredients.
Indeed, irrespective of whether we’re talking about raw chocolate, real orange peel, infused tea or other top-grade ingredients, we always look to Mother Nature rather than any quick-fix chemistry set.

Naturally we retain a deep-rooted appreciation for more traditional tastes and chocolate styles (e.g. mendiants) but are not at all intimidated by the prospect of dabbling with the altogether more weird and wonderful. We believe that attention to detail is in the name of the game, which is why even our packaging has been designed & produced to ensure perfect storage conditions.

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