Chocolate tasting courses

Chocolates tasting course

Explore, taste, dabble and seduce your taste buds by taking them on a magical mystery tour of the changing chocolate trends of recent times, a journey that begins with the cocoa pod and ends with a generous sampling of deliciously diverse chocolate couture.

We believe that there’s more to fine chocolate appreciation than a swish brand name, a kaleidoscope of sumptuous flavours and some colourful, jaunty-looking packaging which is why we run courses in chocolate appreciation.

Naturally one doesn’t need to attend a tasting session to know just how fantastic chocolate can be. However thanks to our popular theoretical courses,we’ll begin at the cocoa pod and journey all the way through to today’s latest flavour trends.

Our courses are about chocolate immersion and appreciation, so besides learning about blended and single origin chocolate, there be plenty of opportunities to sample our fayre under the tutelage of Stefaan, our Master Chocolatier.

Duration:  75 minutes
Groups: Up to 25
Price: £6 per person or minimum charge of £90
(Minimum charge is for 15 participants).
Venue: Stefaan’s Atelier in Brackley

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Fine chocolate creation courses

Fine chocolate creation course

A practical, hands on adventure in unlocking your inner chocolate aficionado.
Over the duration of the course you‘ll learn the rudimentary skills involved in creating Belgian chocolates, hand dipped chocolates and tantilizingly tempting truffles.

Learn the art of chocolate making and create your own delicacies on one of the great courses held at the renowned Stefaan’s Atelier in Brackley. You will have the opportunity to gain hands on experience in making exquisite chocolates.

This practical course enables you to get up close and hands on with your favourite food – chocolate. With the expert guidance of Master Chocolatier Stefaan Moyaert, you’ll learn about the different techniques to create dipped chocolates, chocolates made in a mould and different tips for making ganaches (all of which you can take away with you at the end of your experience.

An interesting and information packed course on the exciting world of chocolate.

Duration:         Approx. 2 hours, 30 minutes   

Course:             5-9 Participants  

Private course:  On request (min 5 people)

Price:                 £65 Per person

Venue:              Stefaan’s  Atelier in Brackley

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Chocolate courses in Northamptonshire

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